An important design decision you’ll need to make is choosing the right countertop for your lifestyle. Do you need an easy-to-maintain surface? Is stain-resistance a concern? Or is style what matters most?

There are many options available, and features like durability and appearance will most likely influence your choice. Some materials require extra care, a few are nearly maintenance-free, and others develop a patina that makes the counter surface even more beautiful as it ages.

When making your choice, keep in mind that many kitchens use more than one countertop material—so if it suits your design scheme, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Our 7,000 square-foot Slab Gallery offers the ability to browse a generous range of stone slabs and remnants. Our remnants section includes an assortment of natural stone and quartz offcuts, available in a variety of sizes and colours, ideal for vanity tops and smaller projects at a fantastic price point.

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Granite is the most popular natural stone and countertop material as it is versatile and offers great performance. It defines elegance in a kitchen. It is one of the hardest and strongest materials in nature. It holds up to heat, comes in a range of colours and new sealers are almost maintenance-free.

Granite can have a wide variety of surface patterns, such as a flecked or pebbled appearance which can vary in size, shape and density of the pattern depending on the particular mix of quartz, crystals and minerals that make up the stone. The pattern can be highly structured offering a uniform appearance over the entire countertop or veining may change continually, without repetition, called “movement”. Today’s stone surfaces can be developed in a range of finishes to make that perfect piece of stone into a custom piece. We offer variety of finishes including Polished Finish, Leathered Finish or GX Finish. Visit our slab gallery to see and feel the difference for yourself. We also carry an array of Marble, Soapstone and Quartzite in a range of colours on display.


A very popular choice in today’s homes, quartz is a clean, versatile and dynamic choice for counters. Made of approximately 93% natural quartz, it is mixed with a small amount of pigments and polyester resins for strength, flexibility and resilience. It has the strength and durability of granite.

Quartz has a high gloss finish and non-porous nature which provides maximum resistance to staining and no sealing is required.

Graniteworx carries a wide range of quartz options from Silestone, Olympia, Samsung, Q by MSI, LG Viatera, Diamastone, Belenco, Hanstone, Caesarstone and more. Colour options include simple, monochrome styles to dynamic, pebbled designs that will fit any decor.


Full body porcelain as countertops is available in large slabs and will be one of the newest trends in countertops next to granite and engineered quartz. It looks like natural stone but is non-porous so there is no maintenance required. This surface is heat resistant, stain proof, scratch proof and highly durable. It is also great for commercial use and high traffic areas.


Concrete counters, which closely resemble slabs of natural stone, are becoming increasingly popular. They offer a unique organic look with a matte finish. Silky smooth to the touch with a natural honed texture. Concrete counters are resistant to most stains and require minimal maintenance. It holds up to heat, comes in a range of colours and offers an exceptional and beautiful edge detail. Concrete is porous and requires an application of mineral oil from time to time.


For those looking for a more environmentally friendly option, or a unique style for their home, recycled/green countertops make a statement. Recycled bottles and jars are crushed and turned into a work of art creating a unique surface every time. Quartz/porcelain and paper are also used to create many different, unique looks.

From bold designs that integrate strong colours, to subtle designs, recycled/green countertops offer an extremely durable and easy to maintain option for your countertops. It is comparable in strength to granite. Scratch and heat resistant, easy to care for and highly durable, recycled counters are the ideal option for the busy modern household.


Butcher block counters bring a warmth to your kitchen, integrating a natural surface that is as functional as it is beautiful. This counter style is easy to live with and never goes out of style. In fact, it is the choice of many chefs.

Butcher block is made of thick strips of hardwood that are then laminated together to form a single solid surface, most often with maple, butcher blocks can also be made with walnut. Ideally the counter is made of a very hard wood to prolong its life and help it hold up to everyday use.

From inspiration to installation. We’ve got the solution to make your dream home a reality.